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Weapon Retention in the Tactical Environment

Weapon Retention in the Tactical Environment

Focus:  Tactical/Narcotics Team members.

Length:  4 hours

The complex world you work in is sometimes very simple.... defend your weapon or lose your life--or your teammates.

Tactical operators have special requirements and needs in the area of weapon retention—rapidly evolving situations, close quarters, and hardened, high-risk subjects.  Weapon retention should be a team effort, and officers must be trained in methods that are simple, effective, and provide the best security for both the tactical operator and his or her team members.

For almost 30 years CUTTING EDGE TRAINING has conducted research into the actual circumstances of officers being murdered with their own weapons. We have interviewed the lead homicide investigators of these murders.  We have interviewed hundreds of police survivors of weapon retention attacks.  We ask questions.  We listen.  Through this research, CUTTING EDGE TRAINING has compiled a real-world understanding of what you will likely experience when someone tries to murder you with your own weapon.

Our weapon retention program depends not upon nice little techniques that look good on the academy floor and work only with a willing partner who cooperates with a straight arm.  Instead, we provide the only truly outcome-based, gross-motor defense skills training for police.  No wristy-twisties that work every time on compliant subjects here.  Instead, you get real-world weapon retention training--ALL BASED ON A TEAM CONCEPT. 

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the matroom "out."

No "martial arts" or high skill-based techniques are forced on officers in this program.  Rather than taking complicated, contextually-critical techniques (specific defenses to specific attacks from cooperative partners) from the training floor and expecting them to work in the uncontrolled environment of the street, we base our program on the uncomplicated nature of the dynamic human response to conflict.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the training for your benefit.

We provide you with real-world training that really applies to your real-world defense needs--training that will work for you when you are desperate, adrenalized, scared, and when you truly believe that you are about to die.