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Warrant Service and Tactical Entry Skills

Warrant Service and Tactical Entry Skills

Focus:  Tactical/Narcotic Team members.

Length:  8-16 hours

All tactical operators know how to “buttonhook,” “cross,” and do a “limited entry,” right?  This course has taught hundreds of veteran SWAT and narcotics officers how to make entry into any room efficiently and safely.  We concentrate on proven principles of team movement and clearing, all based on sound fundamentals and safe tactical doctrine.  Rather than "technique" driven--because, after all, the last thing you need is a robotic function of "always turn left at the door" approach to entries--we provide training in universally applicable principles that permit a seamless transition and flow through problem-solving entry problems.  The fundamentals of entry are built upon until, by the close of the seminar, participants are moving into a room, and, indeed, searching a location more efficiently, safely, and in less time--and with a level of officer safety that few thought possible.

Busy teams often think, "We do this all the time.  We don't need training."  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is ironic that those teams that are constantly operational and performing warrant services and entries need as much training as those teams that rarely perform that function. How can that be?  Teams that are constantly working but not training develop unsafe habits and shortcuts that soon are seen as SOP, but are, in reality, ticking time-bombs just waiting for the right set of circumstances to result in one or more of your teammates being injured or murdered.  Our training refocuses the team on safe tactical doctrine and sound practices, creating a very experienced team with functional and efficient safety practices.

Airsoft handguns and rifles (Systema Professional Training Weapon) are employed to create a safe tactical environment that is instantly applicable to the operator's real world on the optional second day of training.  While not a dedicated "force-on-force" course, this training permits the operator to test the skills and principles learned against a live opponent.  After finding what works and, more importantly, what doesn't, the operator refines his or her skills in subsequent drills.

This course is real-world for your needs.  As with all CUTTING EDGE TRAINING courses, it will challenge your beliefs and understanding of what you do and why.  We make you think about the methods and actions you presently employ.  And, if you are like past participants, you will go back to work and operate differently than you did before--and with a greater ability to articulate your actions.