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Team Firearms Skills

Team Firearms Skills

Focus:  SWAT and narcotics officers.

Length: 8-16 hours

Operators typically fire their weapons far more often than their patrol counterparts.  However, most tactical operators fire their weapons on a typical shooting range, firing in their individual lane, at their individual target - nothing like the reality in which they may be forced to fire with teammates moving or forward of their muzzle.  This course teaches the tactical operator how to hit the target and not his or her partner(s).  This ain’t your dad’s shooting course!  If you work on a tactical team, you need to have this class before you actually need these life and death skills.  Missing the suspect may not be the worst thing that can happen in a shooting - hitting your friend and fellow officer in the back could be.  This class will help to prevent tragedies while assisting you to put bullets on target on time.

Based on our Tactical Handgun Combatives ONE and TWO, this course is modified for SWAT's special needs.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the live-fire range "out."

This is contextually-correct training at its highest--without gaming and wishful thinking.  This is about hitting people with bullets who need to be hit RIGHT NOW, while avoiding being shot yourself.  If you do it on the street, then it must be practiced in training.  If it is too dangerous to do in training, then you shouldn't do it on the street.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the live-fire range training for your benefit. 

Military applicability:  This course benefits military personnel as well--the experiences of police officers in up-close-and-very-personal shootings are being experienced by our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen in this Global War on Terror.  While this course focuses on "police gunfights," the concepts and training are applicable to anyone who carries a firearm into a battle where any range of conflict is possible.