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Undercover Narcotics Officer Rescue and Survival

Undercover Narcotics Officer Rescue and Survival

Of all of the strategies available to modern law enforcement in dealing with the war on drugs, few methods have the potential for yielding the high return that undercover operations can.  These returns are not without their risks, however, to UC personnel.  While an undercover narcotic op is a valuable tool in gathering intelligence dramatically and negatively affecting the targeted drug criminal enterprise, it is also carries with it a high likelihood of injury or death to the officers involved. 

This course is a revolutionary approach to dealing with UC officers surviving in an environment that is often beyond the control of the officer and that can seemingly change in an instant.  Cutting edge survival theory is presented from the dark perspective of being an undercover agent who has been "made" or has been targeted for a "rip."  This is not a class on DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) or a "how-to-be" UC.  This is a survival blueprint for dealing with the worst possible scenario--you cover has been blown or you are the target of a drug/money rip when your backup is seconds--or even minutes--away and you must survive.  This is a situation where you are often out-numbered or in a restricted environment like a car, motel room, or at the suspect's kitchen table. 

The execution of a hasty rescue plan is critical in complementing the UC's survival efforts.  This hasty rescue must be rapidly problem-solved and performed to prevent injury to the UC.  During fast-moving buy-bust ops where little planning takes place prior to contacting the next suspect up the chain, the ability to implement sound and proven tactics are a must.

Participants will be trained in the early recognition of M.A.P.S. pre-assault indicators as an essential component to survival.  Violence is a process and rarely "just happens."  Officers are injured and killed when they are unaware of the suspect's behavior changes from "criminal" to "assaultive" or "predatory" behavior.  An understanding of M.A.P.S. coupled with a clearer understanding of the "constitutional limits of police force response" permits the undercover officer to respond more quickly rather than reacting to events that have already overtaken him or her. 

Applied OODA Theory© and crisis decision-making skills are critical when under attack.  Especially in the hyper-violent drug world, the timeliness of the UC's response is critical to survival.  Applied OODA Theory© is the most comprehensive explanation of how humans make decisions under threat.  Through this understanding, it permits both the UC and the Hasty Rescue Team to interrupt the suspect's(s') assault, get inside their decision-making abilities, and favorably change the tempo and direction of the fight.

Hasty planning, through safe tactical doctrine prepares officers in the rapid construction of a plan, quick entry, sudden infiltration, and recovery of the compromised officer--or possibly downed officer.  This hasty plan reflects the real-world of UC operation where there is sometimes very little intel and preparation for a meet/buy-bust.

Designed from the "street in," not the range or mat room out.  Handgun combatives and "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© is much more than square range and mat rooms.  Via Airsoft training weapons, Force-on-Force exercises are employed to provide participants with experience they will use in their career--realistic response to up close and sudden violence.  Through Force-on-Force training, participants are quickly trained to recognize the pre-assualt indicators taken from actual incidents and displayed by suspects who later assaulted and sometimes murdered the officers and agents.   Force-on-Force training premits participants to safely explore responses and counter effectively the threat-behavior and assaults by the suspect(s). 

This training permits officers and agents in the undercover role to better survive and fight where space is limited long enough for the hasty rescue plan to be executed.