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Tactical and Known-Risk Vehicle Stops

Tactical and Known-Risk Vehicle Stops

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers of any rank.

Length:  4 or 8-hours

This course provides cutting edge training to your officers in not only safely taking high-risk suspects into custody, but also to conduct traffic stops more safely.

The conduct of any traffic enforcement stop is potentially hazardous for the officer--both in physical safety and in potential citizen’s complaint leading to discipline.  A significant percentage of officer murders occur without warning from this important law enforcement function.  The method we teach--the "Call-back Traffic Stop"--is proven nationwide, with a 20+ year history of keeping officers safe from sudden and indefensible assault while providing the level of courteous service expected by the public.  The Call-back Traffic Stop reinforces a professional, tactical contact without being overbearing.  It is safer for both the driver and passengers, as well as the officer conducting the stop.  This stop has also proven to be accepted by the public, despite the groundless fears of its detractors who claim it will result in more complaints--this never materializes where this method is practiced by officers.

The Known-Risk Vehicle Stop, sometimes known as "Felony," provides a realistic, simple approach to solving these tactical problems.  As with all CUTTING EDGE TRAINING courses, we provide a "principle-driven approach" to conducing business rather than a series of laundry lists of orders and commands to memorize-and-then-forget-under-pressure.  This simplified and tactically sound approach to taking known armed or possibly armed individuals into custody creates a better, safer method of dealing with this hazardous situation--and is more likely to gain compliance than you will get from impossibly detailed commands at the side of the road.

This course utilizes classroom and practical application to train your officers how to conduct a tactically safe and professional vehicle stop in any situation.