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Officer Survival: Down 'n' Dirty

Officer Survival: Down 'n' Dirty

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers of any rank.

Length:  8-hours

The latest threats to your safety--your life and career--have been incorporated into this dynamic training course!

Our “Officer Survival Down 'n' Dirty ” course does in 8-hours what others cannot do in multiple days of training:  it redefines how your officers should have been trained from the beginning in on-duty and off-duty safety practices, plus provides the second-half of any officer safety program--the most current documentation and reporting requirements needed to survive the aftermath of a force response.  This course explains the "Process of Violence," and is divided into its three phases:

  1. Officer Survival Down 'n' Dirty--The Build-Up Phase.  This course provides a principle-based approach to employing Safe Tactical Doctrine.  It avoids commonly trained “bogey-man” theories that are generally advanced as reasons to be “safe” (“If you aren’t constantly aware, they're gonna getcha!”) and sensationalized hype that is soon forgotten and old habits return.  We, instead advocate habituating safe tactical doctrine and practices, so officers don’t have to “think” about their safety when they have a “routine” call and aren’t “aware.”  Instead, an officer’s “routine” now creates “habits of safety” protecting the officer when he or she isn’t thinking “safety”--or are distracted, tired, ill, or otherwise not on top of their game.   This course is not simply a rehash of “the same old thing” heard at the last training seminar.  This is the new standard of officer safety training, and will redefine how officers are trained to handle all calls.
  2. Officer Survival Down 'n' Dirty--The Zenith Phase.  This multi-faceted section provides your officer with strategies and tactics for winning the fight, as well as the language of force that is needed to explain, articulate, and justify their actions during any force response.  Language and limitations in the force response are trained in a dynamic manner that permits many officers to have their first "nuts-and-bolts" understanding of the laws surrounding the police force response...the "when" to respond is made simpler and more clear.
  3. Officer Safety Down 'n' Dirty--The Resolution Phase.  The final part of the day reflects our nationally-known courses on force civil liability prevention--what is the latest need for the documentation and reporting of the officer's force response.  The need for increased, comprehensive reporting of your officers' actions and force response has never been greater.  This section of the training brings up-to-the-minute, cutting edge training on the latest reporting and documentation standards needed by your officers to prove their proper conduct.

We provide theory and training that makes a difference in the safety and behavior of your officers in all circumstances through “Safe Tactical Doctrine” and the “Tactical Foundations and Principles” that are easily and consistently incorporated into their every day “habits.”  Your officers will act more safely, and more consistently because they will develop those habits of safety that become reflexive when the brain just isn’t engaged.

Practical, with your safety in mind. To meet those real world threats to your safety--both physical and civil.