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Civil Disturbance Preparedness: 2021

Civil Disturbance Preparedness: 2021
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Length: 8-hours.

Updated to meet current needs.


This course is intended to prepare your officers to reasonably respond to a civil disturbance.  Due to time constraints, this training course cannot comprehensively address all areas of civil disturbance response.  This course will prepare officers to act within the constraints of the First and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution in their policing and response to public demonstrations, protests, and civil disturbances.

The protections under the US Constitution for citizens to assemble, petition, and peacefully protest are well-established.  While there is a clear ability for the government to control the Time, Place, and Manner (TPM) of a protest, these topics are beyond the scope of this training.  This training course is specifically designed for the line officer and deputy to prepare for their part in lawfully policing a protest and to reasonably respond with force and/or arrest criminal suspects while protecting a peasceful protester’s First and Fourth Amendment rights. 

Subject Matter: 
  • Constitutional Limits to Force in a Civil Disturbance.
  • Acting within 1st Amendment Restrictions.
  • The Reasonable Force Response.
  • Responding with Force Tools (OC Spray, TASER).
  • Foundations in Employing the Riot Baton.
  • The Reasonable Contact and Arrest of Non-Violent Protesters.