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Building Entry and Search for Patrol

Building Entry and Search for Patrol

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers of any rank.

Length:  8 hours

There is no better tactical training for officers than searching a building--and patrol officers generally search buildings far more often than do SWAT officers.  Officers must learn and practice the “Big Three Tactical Foundations” in order to safely and tactically clear a building.  This course will bring a high level of tactical excellence and safety to your officers as no other can.  This is not a SWAT class--no high-speed, low-drag hostage rescue wanna-be warrant service class.  Instead, unassailable tactical fundamentals practiced through a principle-based problem-solving approach creates useable and practical skills that will keep officers safe during "routine" patrol building searches.  With that said, SWAT team-members benefit as well because sound tactics are sound tactics, and sound fundamentals are the heart and soul of excellence in any area of endeavor, regardless of assignment.

We teach Safe Tactical Doctrine that is applicable for every tactical situation.  The Doctrine enables the officer to problem-solve and safely resolve any tactical situation.  The vast majority of officers in the US will be fortunate if they can muster more than three officers for any building search. Applying Safe Tactical Doctrine to a theory of building searches that is realistic for patrol, we employ the 3-officer and 2-officer SaferSearch Methods.

The course content for the 8-hour course is:

  • Legal Issues in Patrol Entry
  • Safe Tactical Doctrine for Entry and Search
  • Patrol Building Search Theory
  • 3-officer SaferSearch Method
  • 2-officer SaferSearch Method
  • Practical Application Exercises

If you want your officers to survive in a tactical situation that involves searching a building, this is the training they need!