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Immediate Response to the Active Shooter

 Immediate Response to the Active Shooter

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers of any rank.

Length:  8 hours.  Optional:  Additional 8-hours for Simulation Exercises

The reality of any jurisdiction of any size experiencing an Active Shooter event--where one or more criminal or terrorist suspects intentionally engage in indiscriminant violent conduct that may result in multiple deaths of innocents--can no longer be reasonably denied. These events have occurred in the largest urban settings as well as remote rural communities. CUTTING EDGE TRAINING’s "Immediate Response to the Active Shooter" course provides unique and must-have training for your officers to more safely and effectively respond to these tragic events and mitigate the carnage inherent in this type of incident.

This course relies upon proven tactics rather than "high-speed, low-drag" cool-if-they-actually-work techniques that your officers cannot remember or employ just weeks following training.  More importantly, these intricate formations have NEVER been proven in the real world! Officers are, instead, trained to employ principles of Sound Tactical Doctrine—proven tactics and methods that should be employed every day in their routine patrol duties that also permit the safe and effective resolution of high- or known-risk incidents. This training increases the day-to-day flexibility of your officers’ tactical response while honing those very same skills necessary to respond successfully to an Active Shooter.

The constitutional limits of the deadly force response is covered to provide the participants with an in-depth, nuts and bolts understanding of the deadly force threshold.  Additionally, articulating the factors leading to the deadly force response decision are reinforced throughout the training scenarios.

Hasty planning skills are presented and developed throughout the course.  Mitigating the deadliness of the Active Shooter requires a quick response that is also effective in stopping the suspect(s)’s threat to innocents while enhancing the safety of the officers.  To do this, officers must be able to rapidly evaluate the circumstances and communicate location and situation specific information that will lead to a coordinated response. This coordination is required between the lone officer or hasty-teammates with dispatch, supervisory, and command elements.

Individual and team movement skills, tactics, and strategies are presented, developed, and honed in practical exercises. These involve safe movement to threat, entry and clearing, contact drills, and taking the suspect(s) into custody while maximizing officer safety and mitigating the injury to additional victims. Systema Professional Training Weapons (utilizing a AirSoft pellets), AirSoft pistols, and red-guns where appropriate, provide safe yet extremely realistic training for your officers.

This training provides officers with a complete package of achievable skills, strategies, equipment suggestions, training weapons, weapons handling, and tactics to safely and effectively respond to the inevitable Active Shooter event in your jurisdiction.

The comprehensive course content for the 8-hour course is:

  • Safety Briefing on "triple-layer safety protocol"
  • Constitutional Limits to the Deadly Force Response
  • Historical Context and Current Threat Intelligence
  • Individual Response and Team Movement
  • Hasty Planning and Implementation
  • Equipment Needs
  • Rapid Contact Drills
  • Universal Rescue Team Concepts and Operations