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Impact Weapon Combatives

Impact Weapon Combatives

Focus:  All commissioned/sworn police officers.

Length:  8-hours

There are people out there claiming that officers have become "Taser-dependent."  Whether or not that is true, it makes sense, if the situation is right, employ a very effective non-lethal tool to overcome assaultive behavior.  However, when you miss with the Taser, or it malfunctions--after all, it is a machine, and machines malfunction occasionally--what are you going to fall back on?  The baton.  In an age of electronic control devices, sometimes it still comes down to stick versus flesh and bone in taking a violent suspect into custody.

The impact weapon is a vital tool of suspect control and officer defense, and its proper and effective employment in an objectively reasonable manner is crucial to surviving the public and legal scrutiny that is sure to follow.  Our impact weapon program is based upon "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© utilizing the "Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives"© and "Applied OODA Theory"©.  Officers responding with the impact weapon must have an integrated system of defense and force employment to be effective.

We teach an effective, very defensible method of baton employment, based on principles of objective reasonableness as required by Scott v. Harris and Graham v. Connor.  We are not part of the herd, teaching inneffective, artificial "red, yellow, and green" targeting strategies.  Our philosophy is this:  If a suspect is so threatening that his assualtive behavior forces you to respond by hitting him with a piece of metal or wood, it is time to abandon "product liability targeting" and implement effective target strikes designed to stop this threat quickly with a minimum of strikes.  This, in turn, limits and mitigates both your, and your agency's, liability.

Topics include:

  • Constitutional Limits to the Employment of Police Impact Weapons
  • Physical Impact Weapon Skills Development
  • Impact Weapon Targeting Principles
  • Integrated Combatives Employment Tactics
  • Reciprocal Targeting Theory
  • Baton Retention
  • Integrated Combatives Theory and Application