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Shotgun Combatives Seminar

Shotgun Combatives Seminar

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers of any rank.

Length:  User's course: 8-hours;  Instructor's course: 32-hours.

NOTE:  40-hour Instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER course available.

“If you do it on the street, you need to first do it on the range”© is not just a slogan—it is how we train.  When developing a training course for armed professionals who willingly go into harm’s way, it is incumbent upon a course designer to determine how these individuals are actually called upon to employ their skills on the street.  If a high percentage of officers are actually murdered within touching distance, and if officers respond with deadly force at these close distances, and if officers actually put hands on subjects prior to or during a shooting, and if officers move around each other with weapons in-hand, and if officers actually fire their weapons when the gun-target line is clear even though officers are forward of their muzzles, then their training should reflect these conditions.  We train officers to safely employ their weapons AND practice these real-world skills in the live-fire environment.

The shotgun is one of the most effective weapons in the police arsenal.  It is also one of the most misunderstood and feared weapons by officers.  We are regularly told this seminar provides the clearest instruction officers have ever received on the function and tactical employment of the police shotgun—even very experienced shotgunners have commented on how much they learned about the use of the practical combat shotgun in this course.  The topics of this seminar cover the laws and articulation of deadly force per the Constitution and your state law, as well as fire discipline theory, retention of the shotgun, movement and fire, malfunction drills, and transitioning to the handgun.

This course offers basic-to-advanced training in the patrol shotgun.  This is not an academy-level course, but a comprehensive eight-hours of shooting and hitting under realistic conditions.  This course deals with the reality of the patrol officer who does not have unlimited ammunition and will generally be forced to transition to his or her handgun if the shotgun runs dry.  The patrol shotgun is typically employed in a close support capacity where distances are measured in steps, and often within 15 yards of the threat.  This means officer survival is measured in tenths of a second, and requires employment methods that support instantly hitting the suspect as soon as the threat is identified.  Additionally, tactical employment of the shotgun requires efficient and effective use of the barricade for protection while engaging the suspect and the ability to quickly, smoothly, and efficiently transition to your handgun in an emergency.

This training is not simply to familiarize the officer with the shotgun.  It is also not about the shotgun, but about fighting.  It is to create an outstanding ability to put rounds on target in sudden-conflict situations, master the recoil, and to utilize the shotgun in the manner in which it is intended--to provide overwhelming deadly force response capabilities in those situations where the metal meets the meat, and you must come out on top.