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Rifle Combatives

Rifle Combatives

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers of any rank.  Active or Reserve military personnel.

Length:  16 hours (may be shortened to 8 hours)

If you know you are going into a gunfight, you want to take a rifle...and a handgun with extra ammo for each.  And, if you can, similarly armed friends who are willing to fight.

“If you do it on the street, you need to first do it on the range”© is not just a slogan—it is how we train.  When developing a training course for armed professionals who willingly go into harm’s way, it is incumbent upon a course designer to determine how these individuals are actually called upon to employ their skills on the street.  If a high percentage of officers are actually murdered within touching distance, and if officers respond with deadly force at these close distances, and if officers actually put hands on subjects prior to or during a shooting, and if officers move around each other with weapons in-hand, and if officers actually fire their weapons when the gun-target line is clear even though officers are forward of their muzzles, then their training should reflect these conditions.  We train officers to safely employ their weapons AND practice these real-world skills in the live-fire environment. 

Rifles are for fighting, and this course teaches you to fight and win with the tools of your trade.  The officer on the street today needs to have the ability to reach out to rifle ranges, possibly up to 150 yards or more, to accurately stop a Threat--although it's very rare to have to take a shot at that distance.  It is far more likely that the officer will respond to an imminent threat at distances more commonly associated with handgun fights--where the threat will be faster, closer, and exponentially more intense.  This course provides the rifle-armed officer with the skills and tactics to effectively and reasonably respond to a deadly threat at every range--from contact to extended ranges.

This seminar takes a practical and honest look at your needs when employing a rifle, and provides expert instruction in the following core topics:

  • The laws and articulation of deadly force per the Constitution and your state law
  • Movement and hitting
  • Hitting at distance utilizing cover
  • Sudden combatives with the rifle
  • Retention of the rifle
  • Rapidly evolving multiple targets
  • Suspects at the barricade
  • Transitioning to the handgun
  • Malfunction drills

Sudden assault response is key to effectively and reasonably responding with the rifle.  In addition to live-fire drills with your live-fire weapon, we provide reactive drills with Systema Professional Training Weapon System "Airsoft" rifles.  These drills focus on those areas where law enforcement requires reactive hitting skills but the live-fire environment prevents these skills from being practiced due to safety concerns.  The intrinsic safety of the Systema Airsoft rifles provide perfect practice in a perfectly safe manner.  This Airsoft training system permits our participants to fire "live" against live-opponents without the risks of "live-fire" drills.  We safely employ these realistic rifles in reaction drills that amp up your ability to react and respond to the threats you face today.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING's Combatives programs were developed with fighting in mind, and have shown over the years their effectiveness in keeping officers alive in the worst situations possible.  They remain the only programs of their kind-- “reverse-engineered” to achieve survival goals.  We studied how police officers are actually murdered and assaulted in the real-world.  Then we put that knowledge together with how the human being inside the uniform actually reacts in that pressure-filled, life and death environment, and created a training system that has literally changed the law enforcement community’s understanding of how to put bullets on-target--in-time--in order to survive.  There are no "game philosophies" designed to speed up the shooter's firing rate at the expense of life-saving tactics and hit accuracy.  The emphasis is solely on real-world gunfights:  recognizing the Threat early enough to make a difference, reacting tactically to avoid being hit while hitting a suspect with combat accuracy, significantly affecting his or her ability to remain an imminent threat, how to avoid "blue-on-blue," or "friendly fire" injuries.  And finally, this course also emphasizes your very real need to defend your actions in the inevitable post-shooting aftermath.

Zero dogma is taught or expected.  There are no “do-it-my-way-because-I'm-the-expert” arguments.  Instead, we concentrate on the areas where officers have a real need for training to survive: Hitting the Imminent Threat up close.  This is the future of police rifle training--training officers to fight in their real-world against real-world Imminent Threats.  Your officers can experience it today.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the live-fire range "out."

This is contextually-correct training at its highest--without gaming and wishful thinking.  This is about hitting people with bullets who need to be hit RIGHT NOW, while avoiding being shot yourself.  If you do it on the street, then it must be practiced in training.  If it is too dangerous to do in training, then you shouldn't do it on the street.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the live-fire range training for your benefit. 

Military applicability:  This course benefits military personnel as well--the experiences of police officers in up-close-and-very-personal shootings are being experienced by our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen in this Global War on Terror.  While this course focuses on "police gunfights," the concepts and training are applicable to anyone who carries a rifle into a battle where any range of conflict is possible.

Rifle Combatives Instructor:  TRAIN-THE-TRAINER Seminar available upon request