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Remediating the Problem Shooter

Remediating the Problem Shooter

Focus: Officers  who are experiencing problems qualifying or who exhibit dangerous or unsafe gun handling practices.

Length: To be determined on a case by case basis

Your officers are your most valuable asset--you spend thousands of dollars in hiring and training them.  They are too valuable to lose simply because they have not been able to overcome an unconscious reaction to recoil and a complex misunderstanding of how to put bullets on target.  CUTTING EDGE TRAINING expert staff members will travel to your agency and work with your "problem shooters" as a last-ditch opportunity to remediate their firearms problems.

This is generally a last-chance effort by administration to save this officer's career, or, sometimes, to satisfy the need to prove that efforts were made on behalf of the individual to retrain them in order to get them up to standards.  If this training does not permit them to qualify, or to handle their weapons safely, then, frankly, that person is unsuited to be a police officer--they have, after all, been through academy training, on-going firearms training, remediation by your firearms staff, and now, through professional remediation training.  We provide this training for all standard police firearms (handgun, shotgun, rifle).

As part of this service:

  • The training session is fully documented, and a court-ready report is provided to the agency within two weeks of completion of training.
  • A detailed remediation/training plan is provided for the individual officer to reinforce the lessons learned.

Training generally takes only one to three days, depending upon the individual need of the officer.  CUTTING EDGE TRAINING staff can remediate up to four individuals per day on the same range.  This limit permits maximum benefit and individual training time to each individual, while also maximizing cost benefits to the agency.

While intended as a means of retaining an officer and permanently improving his/her firearms skills, this training and the documentation that comes with it can also assist your administration in proving its efforts to progressively discipline and train an officer who is now no longer considered to be up to standards as an officer.  It shows a higher standard of care and effort by bringing in an outside, professional trainer to work with the officer.  It can also provide just the spark that makes the safe handling and employment of firearms finally understandable to officers who have not responded to training in the past, and who are perhaps deemed by your agency trainers to be "hopeless."  Ultimately, it will save your jurisdiction arbitration, attorney, and settlement costs should an officer who fails to qualify be disciplined or terminated.

Let our professional trainers assist you in bringing definitive remedial training to your last-ditch officers.