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Firearms Instructor Recertification: Handgun

Firearms Instructor Recertification:  Handgun

Focus:  Current firearms instructors who desire or require instructional recertification in the handgun.

  • Also open to agency personnel seeking to become firearms instructors as a "pre-instructor certification training course" prior to attending a full instructor course.

Length:  3-days, 24-hours.

Instructor recertification is important. Every instructor needs training updates to ensure he or she is maximizing the functionality when training officers on the live-fire range.  It can be argued that of all the skills a police officer should possess, becoming involved in an Officer-Involved Shooting (OIS)--being forced to shoot a person whose threatening behavior meets the Deadly Force Threshold requirements--how the officer is trained in responding with his or her firearm has the most grave of all consequences in policing.  Firearms training must provide that blueprint for lawfully surviving that terrible event.  The fundamental foundation of what training on the range looks like must reflect the needs of officers on the street facing existential threats and when they must respond with lawful deadly force.  As instructors continue to teach their officers over a period of time, two things occur:

  1. The instructor develops more knowledge and experience in teaching officers.
  2. The instructor develops bad habits or lapses in the training delivery because of natural shortcuts taken, becoming blind-spots in the training delivery that eventually become ingrained in the instructional routine.

This instructor recertification course provides the opportunity to learn from those who originally developed the concept of combatives training on the range--and then constantly improved upon that concept.  It provides a chance to learn new ways of teaching officers "from the street in, not the range out."  We believe that if you can do something on the street with a firearm at the ready when someone is attempting to take your life, you should have already practiced that movement, tactic, or solution to the problem on the range.  Movement on the range with live, loaded weapons should reflect the same movement and actions routinely seen in the street when officers have their handguns in their hands.  We believe that officers should be trained to solve their problems on the range and in a safe manner that will carry over into the street.

While Cutting Edge Training instructional certificates don't require recertification, periodically attending another instructor or recertification is the key to remaining relevant and on top of the latest training theory and practice.  We constantly update our courses through our own research and personal training to bring what we believe to be the most valid and functional firearms employment theory and training possible.  We are a continuous improvement training company, and we promise you that you will never attend a course that is exactly the same as the last one you attended.  We will always bring something new and from a unique perspective to every recertification course for you to consider, attempt, and employ to save your life and the lives of the officers you train.

This is an instructor's course, not an enhanced user's course.  Most firearms instructor and recertification courses are about making the individual attending the course a better user.  That's all mildly interesting, but irrelevant to the ultimate purpose of training your officers to become better at responding with deadly force.  We believe in increasing your firearm instructor's ability to teach your officers how to put bullets on-target, in-time, and on-time.  "Instructor courses" should be focused on how to better deliver training to the end-user.  Our courses are about teaching police skills and tactics and law and policy and combatives in an integrated method that translates directly to the effectiveness of each officer--both your best and your least capable officers--on the street to save lives.  Because saving lives is why officers carrying firearms and your best and your least capable officers deserve only the best efforts of their agency instructional staff in delivering a firearms training program that gives them the best chance of coming home after an OIS.

This 3-day, 24 hour Handgun Instructor Recertification training course will minimally provide the following training to your firearms instructors:

  • Teaching the Constitutional Limits of Police Deadly Force
  • Teaching Weapons Handling and Fire Discipline Theory
  • Safely Teaching Combatives in the Live Fire Environment
  • Teaching Fundamentals of Shooting
  • Safely Teaching Movement and Fire Training
  • Teaching Real World Use of the Barricade
  • Methods of Physical Skills Training to Adult Learners