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Combatives in Diminished and Adverse (Low) Light Conditions

Combatives in Diminished and Adverse (Low) Light Conditions

Focus:  All sworn or commissioned officers, or military personnel.

Length:  8-hours

This course represents cutting edge survival theory with the handgun in a diminished light environment. This is not simply a "flashlight" class--although we cover best practices regarding flashlight use.  Instead, this is a comprehensive tactical philosophy towards using light and firearms to more safely and effectively employ your skills in low-light contacts with suspects who may attempt to murder you. This includes choosing the right tools, weapon and light carry, use of concealment, fire discipline, and safety in the field.

While this is a shooting/combatives class, it is important to understand the fundamental science behind what happens to us in the dark. Basic eye physiology and night-vision are discussed so that you have a baseline understanding as to what happens to the human being’s ability to process information in low-light/no light environments. When we move from a well lighted environment to one where the light is less than optimal, it affects our ability to respond to a deadly threat.  More importantly, it affects our effectiveness in putting rounds through the Imminent Threat.

Movement, as well as movement to concealment, is key to survival in a shooting in adverse light conditions. Because you will most generally be responding or reacting to an Imminent Threat's behavior, your ability to significantly affect the threat’s ability to continue to pose harm is vital to survival.  If you do not already have your light in-hand, the situation may dictate hitting the suspect while moving off the line of fire using only ambient light.  Conversely, if you are already actively using light, you must not be hindered by multi-tasking when responding to the threat.

This class is NOT designed to be a new spin on the various flashlight shooting techniques that are currently being taught.  The situation dictates the tactic--not the other way around. The most commonly taught methods will be discussed, practiced, and applied tactically so that all the students can evaluate what is practical in a unique live-fire environment.

This course brings CUTTING EDGE TRAINING’s unique and practical philosophy of preparing you to reasonably and effectively respond to deadly assault in a diminished or no-light environment. This is "must have" training for effective physical survival, and civil liability mitigation in the event of a diminished or no-light shooting.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the live-fire range "out."

This is contextually-correct training at its highest--without gaming and wishful thinking.  This is about hitting people with bullets who need to be hit RIGHT NOW, while avoiding being shot yourself.  If you do it on the street, then it must be practiced in training.  If it is too dangerous to do in training, then you shouldn't do it on the street.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the live-fire range training for your benefit. 

Military applicability:  This course benefits military personnel as well--the experiences of police officers in up-close-and-very-personal shootings are being experienced by our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen in this Global War on Terror.  While this course focuses on "police gunfights," the concepts and training are applicable to anyone who carries a weapon into a battle where diminished or low-light conditions are an obstacle to effectively carrying out your mission.