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Tactical Duty Knife Instructor: TRAIN-THE-TRAINER

Tactical Duty Knife Instructor: TRAIN-THE-TRAINER
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Focus:  Any peace officer serving or who intends to serve as agency trainer.

Length:  24-hours (3 days)

Your cops carry knives for many reasons.  And should.  A large part of their intent in carrying a knife is having a last-ditch defense of life weapon available in case all other options are cut off.  You have been tasked with teaching them how to employ this deadly weapon:

  • Reasonably and in a defensible manner
  • Effectively, because this is a true "last-ditch" effort that keeps your officer alive, or fails and he or she dies.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING developed this course to meet the highest standards of physical, legal, and practical survival training in a TRAIN-THE-TRAINER format.  It focuses on training your agency trainer(s) how to teach your officers in all aspects of carrying, deploying, utilizing, and employing the knife:

  • Safe utility use:  Officers are trained to safely use their knives to prevent needless and possibly serious, even career threatening injuries in every day situations.  Worker's Comp injuries from knives are avoided through proper utility use.
  • Safe emergency rescue use:  Training in how a victim is properly and efficiently freed from seatbelts or ligature prepares the officer for real-world incidents.  Unless the situation is so exigent that additional lacerations are reasonable, cutting a victim while freeing them may lead to needless civil liability exposure.
  • Real-world knife defense:  For 30 years we have researched how real officers in the real world are actually attacked with knives and other edged weapons.  We then built real-world defenses for these attacks--all without martial arts, without complication, and without the need for a professional fighter's skills to be successful.  This training is intended for your average officer to be successful in the worst-case scenario.
  • Reasonable "police" knife employment:  Knife employment must be, first, effective to save your life, and second, objectively reasonable, based upon the totality of the circumstances known to you at the time and justifiable in every post-use of force context there is.  It doesn't make sense to save your life and then be sentenced to 10 years in prison as an ex-cop because a jury doesn't like "how" you used your knife.  We teach you how to use the knife to save your life in a manner that, in itself, justifies and shows that your actions were reasonable based upon the offender's continuing deadly threat, as well as the latest requirements in articulating that force to survive both the criminal and civil processes that are sure to follow the employment of the knife.

We prepare you and your officers by utilizing drills that deeply embed and condition a "M.A.P.S. Threat Recognition Response.©"  All physical assaults on officers are foreshadowed by threat cues by the suspect.  Recognizing these M.A.P.S. warning signs early and responding to them effectively is the key to surviving.  These specialized drills, found no where else, provides you with the skills to quickly recognize a developing threat, and then utilize your tools and decision-making processes to problem-solve a solution to any defense need.

Additionally, instructor-candidates are presented with and expected to practice the latest in physical skills training theory and lesson plan documentation, as well as up-to-the-minute civil liability defense strategies. Documentation of force training, in combination with all of the skills and mastery of the course topics, sets this training apart from all others of its type.

This course brings outstanding instructional skill to officer defense and subject control and arrest in a simple format that is constitutionally-based, tactically sound, effective, and easy to apply for every officer in your agency.  This completely different process of bringing ordinary officers into the category of "competent police trainer" is something you'd expect from CUTTING EDGE TRAINING.  We are the original, and, so far, the only police trainers to bring you training that is:

  • Outcome-based:   We train officers and their agency trainers to respond to every day threats --as well as extraordinarily dangerous circumstances--by employing "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© featuring the "Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives,"© and "Applied OODA Theory."©   The only determination of whether the officer's method of defense and control was "correct" is that the officer was not injured and survived, and his/her force response was legally reasonable and within policy--just like in the real-world of force evaluation and justification.
  • Gross-motor skills dependent:  We never forget that these lessons are applied in the real world of fear and hazard and consequence, where nothing ever goes as planned.  We are the only system that depends solely upon gross-motor skills in our combatives problem-solving efforts.  We employ zero techniques to be forgotten a week later.  Instead, we provide simple to employ, effective skills that have a high likelihood of success in any combative circumstance.
  • Non-Technical:  "Techniques" are fine-motor skills that routinely fail in the street.  We teach no techniques because techniques only work against willing police officers on the mat and small children.  Instead, we teach you to solve your combatives problems using naturally hard-wired solutions that are easy for every officer, regardless of level of ability.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the matroom "out."

No "martial arts" or high skill-based techniques are forced on officers in this program.  Rather than taking complicated, contextually-critical techniques (specific defenses to specific attacks from cooperative partners) from the training floor and expecting them to work in the uncontrolled environment of the street, we base our program on the uncomplicated nature of the dynamic human response to conflict.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the training for your benefit.


The Highest Evolution of Law Enforcement Instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER Training!

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING provides the highest evolution of instructor training yet to be devised.  We can boldly say this because we have devoted years to the evolution of how we train the trainers of law enforcement.  We were perplexed that all instructor classes seem to be simply advanced user classes where the participant was expected to fully master the material, teach for five to fifteen minutes at the end of the seminar, and then receive an instructor certificate.  We have worked and changed and fine-tuned our TRAIN-THE-TRAINER process until we have what is now the finest method of teaching your trainers to be coaches and leaders in the classroom, mat room, and live-fire range.

These TRAIN-THE-TRAINER courses provide an entirely new way of approaching the creation of an agency instructor of police.  This involves:

  • Changing the “Trainer-as-the-Source-of-All-Knowledge” Paradigm.  Instructors are trained to adopt the philosophy that “another person cannot be taught to fight like me.”  Everyone has different abilities, strengths, aptitudes, etc.  No one is alike, and we all react to threat differently against different Threats.  Instructors become a resource in helping their officers problem-solve their combative solution.  Through this, the individual officer learns what works and what doesn’t for him or her when solving the combative problems they face. 
  • Training to Teach to a Legal Standard.  Very few courses teach the constitutional basis of officers’ authority to employ force against a resisting, fleeing, or aggressing offender.  Each CUTTING EDGE TRAINING course is predicated upon the foundation of teaching officers “when” to respond with force as well as “how to justify and articulate their force response.”  Every TRAIN-THE-TRAINER seminar not only contains a block of instruction dedicated to the subject of the lawful response to resistance and flight, but instructor-candidates are required to integrate the “objective reasonableness” standard into their teaching curricula throughout the week.
  • Training How to Teach Problem-Solving for Combatives.  Subject control, officer defense, fighting, combat.  Whatever you call it, physically controlling at any level another person without that person’s cooperation has never—and never will be—about applying “techniques.”  Instead, instructor-candidates are trained to teach their officers how to problem-solve effectively in combative situations through “Integrated Combative Problem-Solving”© employing the “Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives.”©  The “layering concept” permits officers to work out how they will solve each layer of the tasks as effectively as possible for that particular officer’s attributes.
  • Training How to Teach “Applied OODA Theory.”  Many officers have heard of Col. Boyd’s theory of combat decision-making.  Few actually understand it, however, to be more than a simple explanation of reaction-response.  We not only train your instructors to teach that this theory is about getting inside the suspect’s decision-making cycles, but about controlling the relative perception of time of the fight.  Beyond theory, CUTTING EDGE TRAINING is alone in the world in training how to apply OODA Theory through classroom instruction, drills, and layered exercises.

Our TRAIN-THE-TRAINER courses are the premier "instructor-certification" program for your agency trainers to learn how to train your officers in the reasonable and effective force response and suspect control.


Recertification Program for Instructors

There are NO recertification requirements by CUTTING EDGE TRAINING for instructors.  "Recertification" is and should be a voluntary training activity by the agency and instructor.  While it is prudent to seek to deepen their understanding of the course material offered and get updated information, we believe this is solely a decision made by the instructors and Command Staff.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING offers its past instructors a 50% discount on tuition when attending an instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER course for a second and all subsequent iterations of that specific course.  We honor the efforts to increase their understanding of teaching "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© through the "Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives"© and "Applied Combatives OODA Theory."©