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Real-World Weapon Retention

Real-World Weapon Retention

Course Focus:  Any commissioned or sworn peace officer who carries a firearm.

Course Length:  8-hours

The complex world you work in is sometimes very simple.... defend your weapon or lose your life.

"Weapon retention."  Nothing about this phrase provides a glimpse of the terror and the panic involved when you suddenly realize what that vicious tugging at your side means.  And nothing in that phrase hints at the grit and the heart that is needed to keep your weapon when a prepared offender, or even an opportunistic suspect, attempts to murder you with it.

Weapon retention is not, and should not be about the type of holster you carry--although that's important.  It is not about keeping people away from you at all times--because you will always have to be in proximity to people to talk to them, search them, and arrest offenders by handcuffing them.   It is not about martial arts solutions that almost never work on the street in a real-life fight for your weapon.  It is not about maintaining "constant awareness," because no police officer can maintain perfect awareness with zero distractions.  And it does not look like your weapon retention training at the academy.

What is known about weapon retention:

  • If an offender takes your weapon from you, he will attempt to murder you with it 80% of the time.
  • If an offender makes a second attempt to take your weapon, you will be murdered 80% of the time.
  • Between 8 and 15% of all officers murdered every year die after being shot to death with their own weapon.

Every officer deserves and requires the finest weapon retention training there is.  For almost 30 years Cutting Edge Training has conducted research into the actual circumstances surrounding officer murders. We have interviewed the lead homicide investigators of these murders.  We have interviewed hundreds of police survivors of weapon retention attacks.  Through this research, we have developed a real-world understanding of what you will likely experience when someone tries to murder you with your own weapon.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the matroom "out."

No "martial arts" or high skill-based techniques are forced on officers in this program.  Rather than taking complicated, contextually-critical techniques (specific defenses to specific attacks from cooperative partners) from the training floor and expecting them to work in the uncontrolled environment of the street, we base our program on the uncomplicated nature of the dynamic human response to conflict.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the training for your benefit.

This course focuses on effective and defensible physical skills involving outcome-based, simple to learn, gross-motor skill dependent, non-technical defense methods designed for your average and/or least able officers.  Based upon "Effective Combatives Problem-Solving,"© your officers learn to realistically problem solve defense situations successfully. 

The course content includes:

  • Legal Limits to the Police Deadly Force Response
  • Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving©
  • Applied OODA Theory©
  • Real-World Weapon Retention Theory
  • Standing Holstered Retention
  • Standing In-Hand Retention
  • Real-World Police GroundCombatives
  • Holstered and In-Hand Retention on the Ground
  • Long Gun Retention
  • Emergency Weapon Recovery

Someone, some day, may try to murder you with your own weapon.  We provide real-world training that really applies to your real-world defense needs--training that will best work for you when you are desperate, adrenalized, scared, and when you truly believe that you are about to die.

Through this real-world training, we CAN help to end the tragedy of weapon retention murders of our police!

Instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER course is available.