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Police GroundCombatives

Police GroundCombatives

Focus:  Every  peace officer.

Length:  8 hours

Real-World Police GroundCombatives is a required skill for every officer.  Studies tell us that over 80% of all police force incidents end up on the ground.  While many ground "fighting" seminars are offered to officers, a close look at these courses reveal they rely upon extremely complicated “tournament” techniques from jujitsu or western wrestling that the average officer will NEVER, ever use on the street.  While people who are proficient in these tournament techniques can certainly defend themselves in the field, proficiency requires hundreds of hours of intense training—which is far more than the average officer will ever be exposed to.

When you are on the ground with a motivated suspect, there are no tournament rules or referees.  There's no "tapping out."  The subject is unsearched and is likely armed.  Even if you are skilled and gain a "submission hold" quickly, nothing you do can prevent the suspect from deploying a deadly weapon while you are preoccupied with the technique.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the matroom "out."

No "martial arts" or high skill-based techniques are forced on officers in this program.  Rather than taking complicated, contextually-critical techniques (specific defenses to specific attacks from cooperative partners) from the training floor and expecting them to work in the uncontrolled environment of the street, we base our program on the uncomplicated nature of the dynamic human response to conflict.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the training for your benefit.

COP RULES, COP METHODS.   In this dangerous situation you must apply a “Police Solution”--quickly--by fighting like a cop.    Our "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© methods rely upon the Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives© to provide realistic skills and the tactics necessary to survive and take the suspect into custody.  This is a proven system that is simple enough to apply under threat, yet extremely effective in its results--even against a well-trained, prepared offender.  This is training to survive--the way it "ought" to have been taught from the beginning.  This Effective Combatives Problem-Solving© program is presented only through CUTTING EDGE TRAINING!

Topics include:

  • Constitutional Limits to the Police Force Response
  • Practical Skills Development
  • Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving© for the Officer on the Ground
  • Identifying “Vacuum”
  • Real world GroundCombatives for police
  • Problem-Solving Responses to Submission Holds
  • Real-World Weapon Retention on the Ground
  • Real-World Knife Defense on the Ground
  • Working the Problem to the “Police Solution”

Instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER course is available.