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Defensive Tactics: Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving & GroundCombatives: for CORRECTIONS

Defensive Tactics:  Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving & GroundCombatives: for CORRECTIONS

Focus:  All Corrections Officers.

Length:  16 hours (may be shortened to 8-hours)

Corrections officers have a real disadvantage over their patrol counterparts…while the patrol officer has access to many police tools and weapons, including the use of a firearm, corrections officers are limited in the tools available to them--often only the use of empty-hand control methods and OC spray.  Additionally, they work in a high-stress environment where every person they contact is a either an adjudicated criminal or a person arrested on probable cause.  Another corrections reality: it is not uncommon for corrections personnel to have one or more physical confrontations requiring a force response per shift, far in excess of their patrol counterparts.

The criminals you supervise and control have changed in the last five years.  Gone are the days of assaults on staff beginning with loud words and puffed chests followed by an incompetent flurry of ineffective punches.  Instead, you are seeing inmates who are heavily invested in jujitsu and mixed martial skills, and practice--read that train--with other inmates.  Basing your own skills on tournament techniques and a philosophy of "staying in the fight" belies your reality:  you are on the ground fighting with an inmate who likely has 100s of hours of training--probably much more than you--while surrounded by his fellow inmates.  Your skills and combatives philosophy must stress your surviving in this environment while responding with legally defensible force.

Developed from the correctional facility and street "in," NOT from the matroom "out."

No "martial arts" or high skill-based techniques are forced on officers in this program.  Rather than taking complicated, contextually-critical techniques (specific defenses to specific attacks from cooperative partners) from the training floor and expecting them to work in the semi-controlled environment of the jail or prison, we base our program on the uncomplicated nature of the dynamic human response to conflict.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the training for your benefit.

This course relies upon "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving"© through the "Universal Rules and Principles of Combatives."©  Our training in "Applied OODA Theory" provides the average corrections officer with the information necessary to safely and justifiably respond with force to protect the safety of corrections personnel and ensure order within the corrections environment.

Topics include:

  • Constitutional Limits to the Police Force Response
  • Practical Skills Development
  • "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving©" including "Threat Recognition Response Drills©"
  • Defensive Tactics and Combatives
  • Tactical Arrest & Control Within the Corrections Facility
  • Real-World Weapon Retention for the Transportation Officer
  • Real-World Weapon Retention
  • Real-World Knife Defense
  • Multiple Officer Takedowns

This very popular seminar provides you, the corrections officer, with effective tools and problem-solving skills to reasonably and competently work in a corrections facility.  Corrections Officers attending these seminars contact us months and years later to let us know they were successful in applying the training--without thinking about which way to turn or how to grab--when faced with an aggressively resisting inmate.  Simple.  Effective.  Non-technical.  We teach you to problem-solve without complication or pretense, just like in real “corrections” fights!

This training is:

Practical.  It works for everyone--not just your martial artists.  It is simple, it is outcome-based (just like the law requires), and it recognizes that you don't always get to fight with people who are weaker than you.  When an inmate chooses to resist--you need something that actually works!

Tactical.  There is a reality out there...sometimes, some inmates want to hurt you.  Maybe even kill you. All of our Effective Combatives Problem-Solving© training is fanatic about following the principles of Safe Tactical Doctrine.  A sound tactical response as a basis of training creates a more effective, safer, police professional.

Defensible.  This entire course is stringently based upon the latest laws governing the police force response, and proven risk-management practices.  Officers are trained and then required to articulate their force solutions and responses on the training floor.  This is the only police training that combines realistic, achievable, and effective physical skills with combative problem-solving expertise, and the legal justification and basis for your force response.

Instructor/TRAIN-THE-TRAINER course is available.