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Defensive Tactics for the FEMALE OFFICER: Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving & GroundCombatives

Defensive Tactics for the FEMALE OFFICER:  Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving & GroundCombatives

Focus:    Any female peace officer interested in increasing her defense capabilities.

Length:  16 hours (may be shortened to 8-hours)

"Fighting is hard enough without having to remember how to fight"©

Most defensive tactics are based upon a male martial artist’s attributes - strong upper body, high level of skill, and a male orientation to fighting and training.  They are designed for the benefit of the bigger, heavier, stronger male officer.  And that works well for the bigger stronger, highly skilled males... until they meet a bigger, strounger more skilled suspect.  The fact is, even male officers don’t benefit greatly from the way DT is commonly trained in the U.S. This defensive tactics program brings to the professional female peace officer the first real training designed to make the female officer successful in any street situation.  This system of combatives maximizes your innate attributes so that you can be as safe and effective as you can possibly be.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the matroom "out."

No "martial arts" or high skill-based techniques are forced on you in this program.  Rather than taking complicated, contextually-critical techniques (specific defenses to specific attacks from cooperative partners) from the training floor and expecting them to work in the uncontrolled environment of the street, we base our program on the uncomplicated nature of the dynamic human response to conflict.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the training for your benefit.

This course provides extensive instruction in the following areas:

  • Constitutional Limits to the Police Force Response
  • Practical Skills development
  • "Integrated Combatives Problem-Solving©" including "Threat Recognition Response Drills©"
  • Defensive Tactics and Combatives
  • Arrest & Control
  • Real-World Weapon Retention
  • Real-World Knife Defense
  • Real-World Police GroundCombatives
  • Multiple Officer Takedowns

Our "Police GroundCombatives" segment is ideal for the female police officer who is forced in the real world to struggle and fight with larger and stronger suspects on the ground.  Because more than 8 out of 10 police force incidents end up on the ground, your female officer needs a real world response to the down and dirty street fights on the ground.  Our Police GroundDefense has no jujitsu or wrestling moves for winning in tournaments...because no officer (male or female) can learn them in the time permitted in training.  We concentrate on providing a proven system that is simple enough to apply under threat, yet has extremely effective results for your defense and suspect control needs--hold a suspect to the ground, defend against a more highly skilled fighter, and safely take a resistive suspect into custody.

The Defensive Tactics and Combatives, Real-World Weapon Retention, and Arrest & Control taught by CUTTING EDGE TRAINING in this seminar is the most practical method of suspect control and defense in existence, and tailor-made for the average female.  This comprehensive course is suitable for every officer, but aimed at your female officer, to enable her to be more effective in defending and controling suspects on the street.

This training is:

Practical.  It works for everyone--not just your martial artists.  It is simple, it is outcome-based (just like the law requires), and it recognizes that you don't always get to arrest or fight with people who are weaker than you.  When a suspect chooses to resist--you need something that actually works!

Tactical.  There is a reality out there...sometimes, some people want to hurt you.  Maybe even kill you. All of our Effective Combatives Problem-Solving© training is fanatic about following the principles of Safe Tactical Doctrine.  A sound tactical response as a basis of training creates a more effective, safer, police professional.

Defensible.  This entire course is stringently based upon the latest laws governing the police force response, and proven risk-management practices.  Officers are trained and then required to articulate their force solutions and responses on the training floor.  This is the only police training that combines realistic, achievable, and effective physical skills with combative problem-solving expertise, and the legal justification and basis for your force response.

Instructor/Train-the-Trainer course is available.