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Reporting and Documenting the Police Force Response

Reporting and Documenting the Police Force Response

Focus:  Peace officers, police supervisors, police managers, Watch Commanders, and agency risk managers.

Length:  4 or 8-hours

There is a need for change in how officers report and document their force responses.  Our cops overwhelmingly respond with reasonable force--in fact, there may be no industry in the world with such a high quality work product.  However, when it comes to writing the reports and documenting their proper conduct, many officers have been trained to cut corners and remain vague in their reporting efforts.  Additionally, many officers just don't understand the need to take the time to write a report that will assist in defense of their actions.  The trouble is, things have changed, including the standards for reporting.  Plaintiffs and their highly trained attorneys and clever experts take advantage of officers who achieve proper conduct in the field, but fail to document their force responses adequately.  This course meets and exceeds this need.

This dynamic course prepares your veteran officer to meet the most stringent and highest standards of reporting and documenting any force response.  The "Reporting and Documenting Police Force Response" course provides your officers with the latest standards of reporting their responses to suspect aggression and defense.  This includes directly addressing federal, state, and policy requirements and considerations within the report.  We provide your officers with general reporting needs and specific reporting components that will provide an adequate defense of your officers' actions.  Additionally, commonly missed evidence and ways of collecting and preserving it at the patrol level is reviewed.

This is a comprehensive class that finally puts all of the lessons together with a practical exercise where the participants actually write a force response to standards, showing what is needed when a Threshold Event occurs.  This course changes how your officers do business following a force response.

Course Content:

  • Latest Plaintiffs' Strategies
  • Articulating the Legal Bases for the Police Force Response
  • Identifying Threshold Events
  • Commonly Neglected Evidence Documentation
  • Force Response Reporting
  • Practical Exercises in Force Response Reporting