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Police Force: Evaluating Reasonableness

Police Force: Evaluating Reasonableness

Focus:  Executive Command Staff Officers, police managers and supervisors, Internal Affairs investigators, agency risk managers, and city/county attorneys.

Length:  4, 6, or 8-hours

The Command Staff of any agency is placed in the unique position of having to defend their agency and officers from civil liability while at the same time protecting the public from officers who violate policy and laws in the areas of force employment.  As such, the command officer may be required to testify in court regarding the officer's force response and how that commander evaluated a particular officer’s force in a particular incident.  Additionally, each command officer must be able to testify in a precise manner regarding any policy violations leading to discipline.  Following any force response in the field, police Command Staffs face a two-edged threat to the good order of their police agency:

  1. A police officer is disciplined for what is perceived by the rank and file as a reasonable force response, creating a highly charged "us versus them" atmosphere that is difficult to repair.
  2. The discipline of a brutal officer being overturned at arbitration because Command could not explain their concerns and reasoning to the satisfaction of an arbitrator.

This course provides training to enhance every command officers’ ability to articulate the factors in their evaluation through a formula that has been commended in the past by judges at all levels of the court system.  From the latest understanding of behavioral science and police force, through safe tactical doctrine and OODA Reaction/Response mitigating features, this course provides a comprehensive tool to the police command officer in reaching a fair, defensible evaluation of any police officer's force response.

This course was developed with the input and assistance of the top police civil defense attorneys and police risk managers in the nation--people who work full-time to defend officers in federal and state courts against allegations of constitutional misconduct by officers.  CUTTING EDGE TRAINING asked them a simple question:

What do you want your defendant police manager and chief executive to know before he or she takes the stand in federal Court?

This is the information the professionals who defend you think you should know!

Course Content:

  • Constitutional Limits to the Police Force Response
  • OODA, Tactics, and Other Mitigating Factors in Force Response
  • "Evaluation of Police Force Formula"
  • Practical Application of the "Evaluation of Police Force Formula"

This class helps you articulate why your officers did the job correctly, allowing you to defend them to the media, to your bosses, and in the courts.

It can also help you make discipline for excessive or improper force stick, and be much less likely to be overturned in arbitration.

In either case, the formula this course provides permits you to better articulate your administrative decisions!