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Officer-Involved Collision Investigation & Liability Mitigation

Officer-Involved Collision Investigation & Liability Mitigation

Focus: All police traffic investigators and collision reconstructionists.  Additionally, command staff officers and all agency attorneys and risk-managers responsible for liability prevention practices.

Length:  8 hours

Other than an officer-involved shooting, there are few police incidents that carry a greater likelihood of litigation and financial loss than that of an officer-involved vehicle collision.  Even those small incidents resulting solely in damage to property with no injuries can create a significant financial and energy drain on the agency's resources.  But when a civilian is injured--or even killed--in any collision with a police vehicle, the civil liability exposure and potential for adverse judgments skyrocket exponentially.  Additionally, there are community relations perspectives and concerns that must be addressed in all collisions, as well as questions that must be answered in a timely manner to satisfy the citizens' need for a responsive police ageny.

This course provides a step-by-step training seminar to permit your agency to avoid the minefields that every officer-involved collision possesses.  It not only alerts you to what is needed in the final investigative report, but also provides cutting edge methods of avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that are commonly seen that create added and unnecessary liability to your jurisdiction.

Course Content:

  • Liability Associated with Police Collisions
  • Current Plaintiffs Trends
  • At the Scene: Response and Protection
  • At the Scene: Protocols
  • The Case File
  • The Collision Review Process
  • The Discipline Process
  • Re-Training and Documentation
  • Eliminating Liability at the Scene

Officer-involved collisions are going to occur--while the number and frequency might potentially be decreased, the statistical reality is that for every "X" thousands of miles driven by your officers, there will be a number of fender benders, a number of injuries, and a number of fatalities. In each instance, there is liability exposure.  This liability exposure increases when the investigation of that collision does not include important components that mitigate or even eliminate liability.  This course is the only one of its kind that provides the information you need when your officer is involved in a collision.