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Corrections Supervisor Force Liability Prevention

Corrections Supervisor Force Liability Prevention


Focus:   Corrections Supervisors from FTO’s to Chief Executives, agency risk managers, and police civil attorneys.

Length:  8 hours

Corrections supervisors require training in the latest reporting and liability prevention methods to ensure proper conduct for the staff they supervise.  This course increases the supervisor's ability to protect themselves, his/her personnel, their agency, and the citizens they serve in every force response event.

How do you take a dry subject like "civil liability prevention and mitigation" and make it interesting, often humorous, always relevant, and instantly applicable to Corrections supervisors?  We do it in a course that is routinely one of the highest rated seminars of its type.  In an era of increased likelihood of being named a defendant, decreased budgets, and motivated legal professionals who are trained and focused on winning in jail litigation cases, you and your personnel need the cutting edge concepts of liability prevention and mitigation this training seminar offers.

This is a nuts and bolts class that avoids "difficult-to-translate-in-the-jail" legal theories that are typical of police academy and legal update training.  Instead, this class gives you reasonable and instantly applicable methods of protecting your name, agency, and your financial assets after doing the job right.

This course dynamically assists your corrections supervisors and managers in:

  • Understanding their legal obligations as a supervisor, and the limits to the real civil and criminal liability they have as a supervisor.
  • Achieving proper conduct in the use of force through increased knowledge of the laws of force (both federal and your state law), and your agency policy
  • Proving that proper conduct through the reporting and documentation of their own as well as their officers' actions.

This course was developed with the input and assistance of the top police civil defense attorneys and police risk managers in the nation--people who work full-time to defend officers in federal courts against allegations of constitutional misconduct by officers.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING asked them a simple question:

  • "What do you want your defendant Corrections supervisor to know before he or she takes the stand in federal Court?"

This is the information the professionals who defend you want you to know!

Course Content:

  • Current Plaintiff's Tactics and Threats
  • Realistic Supervisor Liability Threats and Solutions
  • Constitutional Limits to the Police Force Response
  • Force Documentation
  • Current Force Reporting Requirements