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Corrections Force Response Liability Prevention

Corrections Force Response Liability Prevention

Focus:  Corrections Officers (local, county, state, or federal), Corrections Supervisors and Managers, as well as Jail Command Staff and Prison Administrators.

Length: 8-hours

How do you take a dry subject like "civil liability prevention and mitigation for corrections" and make it interesting, often humorous, always relevant, and instantly applicable to you and your corrections officers?  We do it in a course that is consistently the highest rated liability seminar by both line staff and command personnel.  Jail and prison operations are rife with out of control individuals who require corrections personnel to go "hands-on" to maintain institutional security.  In an era of increased likelihood of being named a defendant, decreased budgets, and motivated legal professionals who are increasingly well-trained and focused on winning in litigation cases, you and your corrections officers need the cutting edge concepts of liability prevention, practical de-escalation, and mitigation this training seminar offers.

This course assists your corrections personnel in:

  • Achieving proper conduct in the force response through increased knowledge of the laws of force (both federal and your state law) and their ability to articulate their reasonable actions.
  • Articulating and justifying that proper conduct through the reporting and documentation of their actions.

Your officers' proper conduct in the jail or institution means almost nothing if there is no ability to later prove that proper conduct. The "Force Response Civil Liability Prevention" course provides every officer with the means of understanding the limits of force, and to articulate their actions in a reasonable force event to a degree most have never experienced. We give them the training that allows them to confidently explain their reasonable force employment against an inmate. This course provides comprehensive reporting standards and suggestions in an ultimately useful manner that really does effect change in your reporting habits--and that of your corrections personnel.

This is a nuts-and-bolts class that avoids the "difficult-to-translate-into-action" high-flown legal theories officers are often presented in legal update training. Instead, this class gives you reasonable and instantly applicable methods of protecting your name, your financial assets, and your agency after you did the job right.

Why this course?  It was developed with direct input and assistance of the top police civil defense attorneys and police risk managers in the nation--dedicated professionals who work full-time to defend you and your officers in federal and state courts against allegations of constitutional and negligent misconduct by officers.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING asked these police attorneys a simple question:

"What do you want your defendant officers to know BEFORE they take the stand in Federal Court?"

This is the information the professionals who defend you want you to know!

Course Content:

  • Current Plaintiff's Tactics and Threat
  • Constitutional Limits to the Corrections Force Response
  • Force Response Documentation
  • Practical De-escalation.
  • Evolving Standards of Articulating Your Force Response