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Force on Force: Gunfight Survival Training

Force on Force:  Gunfight Survival Training

Focus:  Any person who legally qualifies to own or possess a firearm.

Length:  8-hours

Being "in" the fight teaches you how to win the fight.

Everyone has shot a gun at paper targets, punching holes and feeling good about themselves.  Like martial artists who punch in the air, the air, and the paper target, never punch back.  There are many myths that are accepted as fact about "how to survive a gunfight."  Most are based on shooting games or a result of excessive range safety concerns.

We use Airsoft handguns, shooting small plastic BBs, to test your training, to refine your survival doctrine, thoughts, and philosophies.  Force-on-force training is the only activity that permits you to actually be in a gunfight with real consequences--getting hit by the BB is uncomfortable, but certainly less uncomfortable than being shot with live ammunition.  Airsoft is much safer than gunpowder-fired FX cartridges at close-range--and close range is where you will likely respond to an attempt to murder you.

Rigorous "triple-level safety checks" ensure no-live weapons are introduced into the sterile training area.  Protective masking and eye-protection ensures no permanent injury.  In this environment you can now safely experience different situations where real people have been attacked and murdered.

We begin the day in exercises, letting you experience, likely for the first time, someone attempting to "kill" you.  You will learn about your current training and beliefs--is it sufficient?  Did you respond well enough to keep him from harming you?

Then we go to the classroom, talking about tactics, defensible deadly force response standards, "MAPS Pre-Assault Indicators"© what happens in a gunfight, how to get inside his decision-making ("Applied Combative OODA Theory"©) and "Effective Combatives Problem-Solving"© as well.

We move from there into Combatives Drills, where you are afforded an opportunity to work the lessons you have just been presented.  Once you are demonstrating competence, it is time to begin the force-on-force exercises.

These force-on-force exercises are a chance to work against a live-opponent, keying off of his MAPS Pre-Assault Indicators"© to initiate your objectively reasonable and defensible response.  This is the objective of this class--providing you with the experience of having been in dozens of "shootings" that are relevant to your every day life--in society as a concealed pistol permit holder, and at home as a legal gun owner.