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Handgun Combatives ONE & TWO

Handgun Combatives ONE & TWO

Focus:  Any person legally permitted to own or possess a handgun.

Length:  Each seminar is 8-hours

When a bad guy forces it, we teach you to prevail in a shooting... and survive a gunfight!


These combative live-fire seminars are about solving your real-world tactical shooting needs when the metal meets the meat and you cannot afford to be second best.  Your world is not a competition where shooting and throwing a round or two means you don't bring home a trophy.  Instead, gunfights are the most real world there is:  where hitting another person with bullets means you get to go home today.  It is about REAL-WORLD tactics that have been proven over decades and throughout history to keep you alive during those violent, sudden, vicious, and short-lived firefights between you and a vicious criminal.

Both “Tactical Handgun Combatives” seminars provide advanced, comprehensive training for handgun employment.  A combat proven system that has continued to revolutionize and evolve over the last 30 years, these courses cover the laws and articulation of deadly force, as well as fire discipline theory, movement and fire, the proper use of barricades, and Live Fire Combatives.  Each seminar is a fast paced, content-packed eight-hours of enough classroom time to understand the concepts, and more than enough shooting and hitting to incorporate the lessons into your "toolbox."  These programs help remedy the phenomenon known as “Spray and Pray.”  These are a “must attend” program for any person who wants to be prepared to utilize justifiable force combined with absolutely proven methods of fire and safety.

Developed from the street "in," NOT from the live-fire range "out."

This is contextually-correct training at its highest--without gaming and wishful thinking.  This is about hitting people with bullets who need to be hit RIGHT NOW, while avoiding being shot yourself.  If you do it with a firearm in your home or on the street, then it must be practiced in training.  If it is too dangerous to do in training, then you shouldn't do it anywhere.  We bring street reality and functionality "in" to the live-fire range training for your benefit.

CUTTING EDGE TRAINING currently offers two Handgun Combatives courses:

Handgun Combatives ONE

This unique handgun training teaches you to put hits "on-target, on-time" in a gunfight.  We concentrate on real-life gunfights--up close, very personal, violent, short-lived life-and-death conflicts.  All live-fire is predicated upon moving and hitting the Threat, not simply shooting.  We teach you, probably for the first time, how NOT to shoot other people who don't need shooting in a dynamic situation where there are multiple individuals on-scene.  Live-fire exercises where you and other shooters engage in physical combatives, safely performed, effectively and realistically prepares you to engage a deadly threat at contact ranges.  This is the beginning of truly learning to fight with your handgun...all based upon CUTTING EDGE TRAINING's "Effective Combatives Problem-Solving"© concepts.  And finally, like all of our seminars, we provide you the all important understanding of "when" to press the trigger, as well as the points of articulation you will need when the police arrive.  Knowing what to say, and what not to say, will make a huge difference in how you experience the criminal justice system following a shooting.  This comprehensive course will change the way you fight with a handgun.

This course serves as the pre-requisite to Handgun Combatives TWO.

Handgun Combatives TWO

This course takes up where the "Tactical Handgun Combatives ONE" seminar leaves off.  Advanced training in movement and hitting theory and employment increases your ability to put hits "on-target, on-time" in a real-world combat environment while presenting a more difficult target to the Imminent Threat.  Effective Combatives Problem-Solving© is more thoroughly explored in this course where we look at actual circumstances where injuries and murders have occurred, and train to meet those challenges.  Different and tougher defense problems are presented.  Unusual shooting positions, from which shooters through the ages have found themselves fighting for their lives, are introduced.  Also, the realistic use of cover and concealment are exercised and trained--always with the emphasis of why concealment is sought and maximizing any potential cover.  This seminar provides more of the best and most realistic firearms training available.

As one of our seminar participants noted in his evaluation:

  • "This ain't your dad's handgun class!"

We know.  We designed it to meet the threats YOU face today--up close, aggressive-like-never-before threats that only the best training of its kind can assist you in addressing.