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Female Handgun Personal Protection

Female Handgun Personal Protection

Focus:  Female shooters of any skill level who seek to develop real-world defensive handgun skills.

Length:  2-days, 12-hours total.

This specially-developed course provides the female shooter of any skill and experience level with the training she needs to competently--and confidently--employ her handgun for her personal and family protection. 

Women learn differently than men--not better or worse, just differently.  Unlike men, women learn better in community and through a cooperative learning style.  Studies in gender differences in learning rates and methods show that women in mixed gender courses adapt to the male learning style and often have difficultly learning and demonstrating the same skills as men...unless the female shooter is trained in a method that makes sense to her.  At that point, given equal time, the female shooter is equal in skill and knowledge to her male counterpart.  This course is presented in a format that maximizes the female's natural learning style.

The course content includes:

  • Fundamentals in handling and manipulating your handgun.  How to safely operate your pistol or revolver, loading, unloading, clearing stoppages, and safe handling of your handgun.  This also includes how to safely and securely store your handgun for home safety.  
  • Shooting and hitting.  We provide the ability to hit through an uncomplicated method of shooting.  Rather than the 7-step or 9-step complications that we all were forced into when learning to shoot, we provide training that relieves you of this burden and gives you the ability to hit what you shoot at.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your handgun.  How you keep your weapon functioning and protected is covered, as well as suggestions of proven cleaning, lubrication, and protectants to use.
  • The laws of deadly force and self-protection.  When to shoot and, as importantly, when not to shoot.  How to explain why you pressed the trigger, and what to expect.
  • Tactics for your home.  Understanding how to defend your family in your home while increasing your own safety and effectiveness. 

This course is presented in both small-groups of women-only shooters, or in private instruction.  Taught by a world-class police and military trainer who has helped pioneer the effective training of female officers, this course is now available to any woman who may legally own a handgun and is interested in maximizing her safety and effectiveness in protecting herself and family.