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Thomas Benge

Tom Benge in the FieldSgt. Thomas Benge (retired) is a law enforcement and military trainer, and a Master Trainer for Cutting Edge Training L.L.C, based in Redmond, Oregon.  He has been a trainer of law enforcement since 1994 and a member of Cutting Edge Training’s staff since 2000.  Click here for LinkedIn Profile.

As a Master trainer for Cutting Edge Training, Sgt. Benge is responsible for development and presentation of unique and varied training programs for law enforcement, military and civilian populations encompassing training from SWAT, K9, patrol, and police administration, as well as certifying instructors from Defensive Tactics, Arrest and Control to Shooting.  His training experience ranges from the recruit level through the training of officers at the municipal, state and federal level of government. As a master trainer, he has trained officers from numerous states and is a Pennsylvania Certified master trainer of firearms, defensive tactics, force response, and physical conditioning.


Sgt. Benge (retired) started his law enforcement career in 1991 as a probation/parole officer and corrections officer.  He retired from full-time law enforcement work as a police supervisor in 2007 after 15 years of service with the Meadville, Pa. Police Department.

As a police officer and supervisor for his agency, Sgt Benge was the primary trainer responsible for all in-service training at his agency including firearms, defensive tactics and all tactical training.  He was also responsible for research and development of all of the agency’s policies, especially the high liability areas of “Force Response,” “Vehicle Pursuit,” and “Discharge of Firearms”.  In addition to training specialties, his law enforcement experience included him working as a Bicycle Patrol officer, Narcotics officer, FTO, FTO Supervisor, SWAT Trainer and element leader.

With a diverse background in martial arts (black belt in Chinese Kung-fu) and study in several other styles, he became the lead instructor over the physical skills section of one of Pennsylvania’s municipal police training academies, primarily in the areas of physical training and Application of Force (defensive tactics).  During his tenure as an academy instructor, he trained recruits in every skill and knowledge domain except:  First Aid, EVOC and Rules of Criminal Procedure. He remained the lead instructor in the physical skills disciplines from 1994-2007.  In addition to his police academy training, he was a “Master” trainer in the Pennsylvania Constable program.  In 2006, Sgt. Benge became a curriculum committee member to the Pennsylvania Board of Probation/Parole responsible for developing and delivering firearms training programs to all county agents in the state of Pennsylvania who carry firearms in the course of their duties.

In addition to his law enforcement training and tactical experience, Sgt. Benge is a certified fitness trainer and has delivered programs on exercise and physical fitness to audiences ranging from police officers to civilian homemakers.  He is a CrossFit certified coach, and runs an affiliate in Redmond, Oregon.


Sgt. Benge is a published author, authoring several articles that have appeared in law enforcement training publications.

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