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America’s Combatives and Liability Trainer Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

("I will either find a way or make one.")

Expert Witness

"Ask for my loyalty, and I will give you my honesty.
Ask for my honesty, and you will have my loyalty."

                    -Col. John R. Boyd (USAF deceased)

Each of the individuals associated with Cutting Edge Training, LLC, and acting as expert witnesses have an impeccable reputation for honesty, consistency, fairness, and overwhelming expertise in their fields. Each will evaluate the merits of your case and offer a frank assessment, permitting a realistic understanding of the reasonableness in the behavior and conduct of the parties.  These individuals will then expertly represent the case to the extent that the facts and circumstances permit. There are no finer expert witnesses to trust with your case and reputation.

For information about the experience and qualifications of any of these professionals, to receive their curriculum vitae and fee schedule, or to contact one of these individuals about their services, please contact Cutting Edge Training at 360.671.2007360.671.2007, or by email at